YEAH Asia League

PUBG Mobile

Online Tournament


Date: Feb 2021

Event Details: 

YEAH Asia League 2021

Prize Pool: TBC


scoring system

Position points will be given according to the table below:
1st – 15 points
2nd – 12 points
3rd – 10 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 6 points
6th – 4 points
7th – 2 points

8th-12th – 1 point
13th-16th – 0 point

+1 Point will be given to each team per kill.

-5 Points per missing player for each game.

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Yes! E-Sports Asia Holdings Limited (“YEAH” or the “Company”), is an Asian E-Sports pioneer with a global perspective.  Its YEAH Asia League (the “League”) - a Pan-Asia E-Sports Leader Development Initiative which kick started in 2019 is now expanding into different continents such as Europe, Middle East, Australia and the Americas.  

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