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Girls’ Power KISS AWARD

Keep It Smart & Sexy


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, we are having our second event from our GIRLS POWER SERIES – the KISS AWARD!!!! KISS also means Keep It Smart & Sexy. Girls don’t always have to be EITHER pretty or smart, why not BOTH!? Greek Goddesses have always been depicted as wise and beautiful in many ancient works. Therefore, we are having different titles under these Greek goddesses’ name representing various qualities. Join now and become our YESPORTS Goddesses!

List of Awards


Aphrodite (Beauty)

nominate the prettiest player(s) of your team


Athena (Wisdom)

nominate the most skillful and talented player(s) of your team including killing and strategies


Nike (Victory)

best players in the tournament


Artemis (Hunting)

nominate the most kills in your team


Hebe (Youth)

nominate the youngest and talented player(s) in your team, outplay other players in their age


Styx (Loathing Death)

nominate the best aid player(s) in your team, someone who saved most lives


Harmonia (Friendship)

nominate a player who is the most friendly


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